Saturday, March 1, 2008

Platinum Chef - March!

Cara is back with a new Platinum Chef Challenge and I was pumped to expand my culinary horizons with two new ingredients (to me!): Barley and Chickpeas. They join Vanilla, Butternut Squash, and cumin. The challenge is to create one or two dishes using all the ingredients between them, with at least 2 ingredients each.

Confession: I had to google what the heck barley even was and how to cook it/what it is similar to. I later was told over dinner what one of the dishes I made, a beef soup with barley (among other things) is a really common classic soup. And here I thought I was being creative! ;) Somehow I missed the Beef Barley soup in the Campbell's rack!

The good news is, I learned I like Barley (my husband already knew he liked it) and we both also like the chickpeas!

And I already knew that I love butternut, vanilla, and cumin.... mmm :)

Dish 1: Beef Barley Soup

Three Ingredients Featured: Butternut Squash, Barley, Chickpeas, cumin

Dish 2: Pumpkin "Rice" Pudding

Two and a Half Ingredients Featured: Barley, Vanilla, and Pumpkin (the 1/2)

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