Saturday, November 1, 2008

R2R: Beef Rendang

This month's challenge was a beef curry dish cooked as a reverse braise. Even though I made it WAY too spicy (I really really REALLY dont know my hot peppers....) and therefore could only eat a bite myself (and R could only eat one serving... NOW you know it was hot!!) I still see the potential in this. It looked and smelled like heaven, the texture was phenomenal... I was able to buy some minced jarred galangal and kaffir leaves, so I am tempted to try it again... with more mild (aka edible) peppers!

This dish has a long cook time, but once it gets going all it needs is an occasional stir, so it is good for a homebound weekend dinner. I served it over rice and with the accompanying pickles (crazy quick and easy, and really a nice pairing!)

Coated and heading in the pan:

Liquid Added - so pretty!:

Starting to cook down:

Brown crusties showing up - time to dish it up:


Please check the recipe out on the R2R blog!

Daring Bakers: Eatsa Pizza!

I was excited for this month's challenge - PIZZA! I made homemade pizza for the first time a couple months ago and was pumped to try it again.

I was excited for the tossing requirement... unfortunately it was not meant to be. I thought I followed the directions in terms of getting the dough to the right consistency, but Im afraid mine was too wet. There was no tossing possible - it was way too soft! I kinda stretched it out some on my fist and then pushed it out the rest of the way.

But, it was still good! I made 4 pizzas:

Apple-onion chutney with sharp cheddar

Garlic-cream cheese topped wtih a mix of Romano and Fontina cheese, cooked bacon and artichoke hearts... YUM

A breakfast pizza with maple syrup, breakfast sausage, diced sauteed potatos, and topped with fried eggs on serving

And a dessert "Pumpkin Pizza Pie" which was cooked dry with cinnamon and sugar. Then topped with a mix of cream cheese and pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices.

What a fun challenge! Thanks to this month's host! Please check out her blog for the recipe and story behind this month's challenge!

I think I will stick to non-tossing, and to my old dough but this was a fun one to try :)