Saturday, November 1, 2008

R2R: Beef Rendang

This month's challenge was a beef curry dish cooked as a reverse braise. Even though I made it WAY too spicy (I really really REALLY dont know my hot peppers....) and therefore could only eat a bite myself (and R could only eat one serving... NOW you know it was hot!!) I still see the potential in this. It looked and smelled like heaven, the texture was phenomenal... I was able to buy some minced jarred galangal and kaffir leaves, so I am tempted to try it again... with more mild (aka edible) peppers!

This dish has a long cook time, but once it gets going all it needs is an occasional stir, so it is good for a homebound weekend dinner. I served it over rice and with the accompanying pickles (crazy quick and easy, and really a nice pairing!)

Coated and heading in the pan:

Liquid Added - so pretty!:

Starting to cook down:

Brown crusties showing up - time to dish it up:


Please check the recipe out on the R2R blog!


Rayrena said...

All your pictures look great! I recently made the potato version w/out any chiles and it was great. I'd bet that the beef version would be fine w/out chiles too. Hope you give it a try!

maybelle's mom said...

Oh, the chili problem. Since we had a baby eating, I had just put in one chili and it was delish.

Temperance said...

Wasn't it pretty when you added the coconut milk to the pan, I could tell at that point this was going to be a phenomenal dish.

Your finished dish looks great, sorry about the heat, peppers can be tricky little things.

Debyi said...

Your rendang looks amazing! I wish I would've made the pickled veggies too. Mine was way too hot too, I added sour cream to mine and it helped a lot.

Madam Chow said...

Great pictures! I made it with potatoes, and my husband went nuts over it. Now I plan on making it again with beef so that he can compare.

Angry Asian said...

love the play by play pix! so sorry to read that it was too spicy to consume. i usually put the minimum amount of spiciness in dishes, because you can always add the spicy stuff after, but not take out. plain yoghurt usually helps to temper the spiciness, fyi.

JMom said...

oh your crusties photo looks so good! Now I'm starting to wish for this dish again :)

Anonymous said...

I'm tagging you.

(Blame BB) ;-)