Thursday, August 28, 2008

R2R: Tamales!

This month's Recipes to Rival Challenge was tamales! Definitely new to me... and not so bad really! Check out the recipe here (and past challenges too!). I made a full batch, with three fillings: the black bean one given (with the addition of fresh local corn), the seitan one (except with chicken instead - serving to my wheat allergy sister, and we like meat ;) and the addition of sharp cheddar), and my own - pork tenderloin - baked in the oven wtih the chicken until done (seasoned with S&P, NM Chili Powder, Oregano), then torn into small strips and tossed with various seasonings (all the ones used in the other recipes really), plus slices of fresh tomato. YUM! the pork one was deemed the favorite by all.
I defintely made the masa mixture WAY too thick... didnt much like that. But it was reltaivel easy, albeit time consuming ;)
Note: my "open" pics came out terribly... all steamed and out of focus. Apologies!
I served them with storebought (no time!) green and red sauces. Yummy! thanks to our hosts!


Lauren said...

i think pork is the best tamale filling ever!

Temperance said...

I had steamy pictures too, I bet if I had a real camera they would have an anti steam lens. :)

Great job.

Lori said...

I took one of those steamy pics too. It did not come out too good.

Pork does make a good tamale

That Girl said...

I am so impressed by people who homemake tamales.

Robyn said...

I like the sound of your pork filling. Great job!