Sunday, June 1, 2008

Amano Chocolate!

MMMMMMMMM Chocolate... I was lucky enough to be a winner for Blake Make's most recent chocolate giveaway! That meant that I got a lovely little package of 3 (thats right, not 1... not 2... THREE!) bars of fabulous dark Amano Chocolates. WOW. Very yummy! Many other winners have made brownies, cakes, etc... me? I couldnt do it. Really good dark choloate like this, to me, is meant to be enjoyed in its purest form :)

I am almost done with the third bar now. I have enjoyed a little corner here and a piece there mostly at night as a bedtime treat. And treat it is! This chocolate is great! My favorite was the Madagascar one - smooth with no acidity. And I loved the packaging - I felt like Willy Wonka pulling out that bright gold! Love it and thanks!


art said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the chocolate! It was fun working with Blake on this giveaway.

I agree about eating it rather than baking with it. While our chocolate makes absolutely incredible pastries and confections, it is good enough to eat strait. You feel it take you away to that special place each of us has that is often only reserved for that which is truly special.

Thanks too for letting me know which is your favorite. I really enjoy hearing what people like about each of our bars and which bar is their favorite.

Amano Artisan Chocolate

That Girl said...

A little dark chocolate every day is supposed to be good for your health too - so basically you're just being extra good to your body!