Monday, June 23, 2008

Latest DB EVER!

I made my May Daring Baker's Opera Cake in May, within the allotted time... but when post date came along I was travelling on business and posting from my laptop didnt seem like a fun idea. So, the post date came and went... and because I was late already... I didnt get around to posting. Until today. My June DB entry is currently in process so I figured it was about darn time I blogged may! Part of my delay is due to the fact that I really did not like my opera cake :( The reason is, I think, three-fold:

1) I really did not care for the white chocolate flavor in the mousse and ganache... like I hated it!

2) The flavors I chose (hazelnut/frangelico, vanilla, and caramel) really didnt come through very well - they were not strong enough and really just didnt work for me. I think Iwould have been better of with fruit, or more acidic flavors

3) I struggled through my buttercream - it wasnt firming up for me - so I kept tasting it. Finally it came together (I just kept beating it... and beating it... and finally like 15 minutes later it firmed up) but by then I had had WAY too much. Also, I follwed the posted recipe (more sugar, less butter) but it was just WAY too sweet for me... so I kept adding butter... and tasting. Blech!

Now, I gave it all away (Ryan brought into work) and I fully expected a poor review but he said it was enjoyed. So, maybe it was just me... but I wasnt a fan. I think I would have prefered it if I have followed some other DBers lead and cheated... with chocolate :)

Not going to bother posting the recipe since y'all have either a) seen it already or b) wont make it anyhow but you can see it on all the other DBers blogs here - they all have the recipe posted :)

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Debyi said...

Your opera cake looks really good, I'm sorry you had trouble with it. Your braid turned out great!