Friday, September 7, 2007

Rosedales Farm Share: Final Take

Wednesday I picked up our last farm share. It was 10 weeks, paid in advance, of a variety of local produce. What a wonderful treat it was all summer to get to try new fruits and veggies, and get a surprise every week of local farm fresh produce! If the Epsteins do this again we will definitely participate!

Anyone near Simsbury, definitely check out Rosedales - best corn out there!

This week we got: 2 baby pumpkins, a butternut squash (hmmm roasted? soup? decisions decisions!), 8 ears of corn, a bunch of scallions, a green pepper and 2 of the long skinny ones, lots of fingerling potatos (never had these before and am excited to try!) and red potatos, 3 tomatos, 2 plums, 4 apples (apple cake?), 4 pears (maybe pear soup!) and an orange. Whew!

And I bought some other stuff including the last blueberries of the season and what I expect are the last gorgeous raspberries too... goodbye summer!


megan said...

Great pictures and I like your recipes! Good luck with the blogging!

Dori said...

beautiful photos! and thx for the heads up that i left the beans off my bean soup recipe. duh!