Sunday, August 12, 2007

Roasted Red Peppers

This recipe came to me from my mom, and from my aunt and uncle before here. I am usually not a huge fan of roasted or cooked peppers but these are really yummy, and ridiculously easy.

I used 4 peppers for the two of us, and had leftovers. Cut into slices, and toss into a hot pan with EVOO (orig recipe says to use regular olive oil as EVOO is too strong but I use EVOO in everything and it was fine for us :) ). Keep pan hot and stir often adding splashed of Red Wine Vinegar throughout. When the peppers are dark in spots and soft, they are done. If the rest of the dinner isnt ready yet, they do fine on low heat. Overall takes 30 min or less. Right before serving, add pine nuts (a generous handful), oregano, and some kosher salt.

Ryan loved them and wants them made all the time ;)

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