Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I've been TAGGED

Michelle tagged me with the blogging game of 8 factoids about yourself.

1) Michelle and I actually not only went to the same college but were also floormates freshman year and suitemates sophomore year. I think we were both business students too - no? I think she spied me on one of the nest boards since. Funny how you reconnect with people! I have also reconnected with... sheesh... 4 ish people from High School on my local. Gotta love the nest for bringin people together ;)

2) I hurt my calf running a month or two ago and was icing it and managed to give myself what I fondly refer to as "iceburn" as opposed to sunburn. Felt like and looked like a sunburn. Eventually it blistered and peeled like one too. Luckily, did not need to amputate.

3) I was a competitive runner for most of my life and ran Div 1 in college. I was finally getting back into shape and doing a few local rorad races with non-embarressing times when I got hurt. Still nursing the injury... annoying!

4) Nothing makes me happier than wearing a cute skirt and heels. Dates back to being the kid who would wake her parents up for easter at 6am, already dressed in easter best - from the bonnet to the white gloves to the mary janes.

5) Cooking related: my husband has on multiple occasions said that if I ever died he would have a hard time remarrying since he would have to find someone willing to pack him a good lunch every day and make him unique new interesting meals for dinner. Ill let him continue in the assumption that I am a very rare breed ;)

6) One of my earlier memories is of baking peanut butter cookies with my mom and 2 best friends. We would line up taking turns putting ingredients in the mixer, standing on a little wooden stool. Then we would take the whole batch downstairs to eat while we watched either the wizard of oz or mary poppins (our two favs)

7) Though I rebelled against it for years, healthy eating was brainwashed into me: early cookies and cakes and whatnot that I was served were all homemade, with whole wheat flour and using honey instead of sugar. After 4 kids, my mom loosened up significantly.

8) Ill bet I could eat the following meal every single day for a week straight and be perfectly happy: sesame roasted asparagus, Balsamic onion Salmon, Rosedales Super Sweet Corn, and of course dark chocolate. Im OK with a lack of variety but I think Ryan would kill me!

TAGS (im tryin to hit the newbies)


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