Friday, July 13, 2007

Balsamic Salmon with Onions

If I was on Hell's Kitchen and needed to make a signature dish, this would be it. One of my all-time fav meals (tied with a good steak!) and I like it so much that I never order salmon in a restaurant anymore - its never as good! I cook salmon on the stove in a skillet because I find that by searing it, I can keep the salmon nice and moist where it has a tendancy to dry out in the oven. I have cooked the same basic method usuing different flaovers (like lemon) with great success too. But this one is the best ;) I apologize - I cook this my rote so I dont have exact measurements.

2 salmon pieces, skin removed. We love it so usually about 1/2 pound each.

small amt EVOO

generous amt Balsamic Vinegar

1 medium onion (I usually use vidalia) chopped

Add enough EVOO to coat the pan - non-stick is best (a TBL or 2 I would estimate) and a generous amt of blas vinegar (maybe 3-4 TB worth). heat to med high. When its hot, add the salmon (careful the oil may spit at you!!). Let it cook on each side 1-2 min so it is seared. Turn the heat down to med low and cover. Let it cook until done - about 10-15 min. Flip it a few times throughout so it browns evenly. Each time I flip I add some more Balsamic Vinegar to the top of it to give it a really strong flavor.

In a separate pan (you can do it all in one pan but i find the salmon comes out better when they are cooked separate) add a small amt of EVOO (about 1 TB) and turn to high. Add the onion. Cook stirring frequently until onion is getting brown around the edges - this happens quick and be sure not to let it burn. When it gets to this point, turn down to med low. I add some balsamic vinegar to the onions too (be careful, it will smoke out a bit at you on a hot pan). it workes to deglaze the pan a bit too. Let the onions chill on the warm stove for about 5-10 min (or until everything else is ready) they will start to turn mushy looking - that is when you know they are done :) Staying longer in the warm pan wont hurt them though.

Serve the salmon topped with the onions.


DeborahSW said...

Wow, that salmon looks WONDERFUL!

Kimberlee said...

I made this for DH tonight. You're not kidding about the oil "spitting"!!! One little pop and balsamic vinegar ALL OVER the kitchen.

But he LOVED it :) Thanks.