Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Twist on Tom Mozz Salad

I adore tomatos and especially tomato mozz salad with fresh basil. Sadly... Ryan does not. He is a strange breed who actually DOESNT.LIKE.FRESH.TOMATOES! he can eat them cooked.... but mmm somehting about a farm fresh super ripe acidic flavorful tomato... mmmm... but I digress.

I decided to cook up a chicken dish based on that salad. Basically... I heated up some EVOO, garlic, and onion. Then I added chicken chunks and about 1/2 the tomato I was going to use and cooked it till the chicken was basically done. I then added the rest of the tomato and chopped fresh basil (YUM). Right before serving I added fresh mozz (NOT the shredded kind) and turned it once to let the mozz start to soften/melt. Yummy, and my anti-tomato hubby liked it too!

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