Friday, July 13, 2007

Egg Muffins

I am doing South Beach (well sorta... I eat fruit too) right now and I always struggle with breakfast - its hard enough to get out the door on time as it is, let alone making eggs. This is a recipe from the South Beach Diet cookbook that I bought years ago. Ive made them a few times and may have deviated some from the recipe.

12 eggs (or more if you do egg whites only or egg whites/some full eggs. A good rule of thumb is 2 egg whites = 1 whole egg)

splash of milk

3 Scallions chopped finely

1 cup of cheese (I used a shredded cheddar blend) Reserve a little.

12 slices of pre-cooked bacon ripped into pieces

spray a muffin pan with butter spray. Put 1 slice of bacon, ripped up into each and some cheese. In a large bowl (I have a huge bowl/liquid measure with a spout that works perfect) beat the eggs, milk and scallions. Pour the egg mixture into each muffin pan - OK to fill to the brim, but be careful of overfilling - its messy! With a fork, turn the bacon and cheese in each pan over to mix it up. Top each with a sprinkle of cheese.

Bake in an oven at 350 for 20 min then watch. Can take anywhere from 20-30 min, depepnding on your oven. When they are puffy and slightly brown on top they are done. Careful not to overcook or they will be rubbery. Many pop right out of the pan for me, or if they stick at all run a knife along the edge. When they are cooler, bag them by 2s in baggies. Can be refridgerated for a few days or they freeze well. To reheat, stick in the plastic bag (open) and cook for 1:30 in the microwave. You can add any kinda of cheese, meat, veggies you like :) And you cant beat the convenience! These ones have bacon, scallions, cheddar and I used 6 egg whites and 9 whole eggs.


DeborahSW said...

I love egg muffins! They're a great portable breakfast... these look yummy! :)

Michelle said...

These look great! I've been meaning to try an egg muffin recipe and yours sounds great! I am saving it :)

Kayte said...

i've never even heard of egg muffins! these look amazing!

Julie said...

These are a great idea! My DH & I are on a diet similar to South Beach & these are perfect. Can't wait to see more

Stephanie said...

Pgh, these are the awesome. Thanks for sharing!