Monday, July 9, 2007


I have a few pics on my camera I have yet to upload so in the meantime I wanted to RAVE about a restaurant Ryan and I went to with another couple on Saturday (pre-live free or die hard lol). Its called RuBab's and is in the Canton Shopping Center (CT) They have some "real' food but the majority of the dishes were CREPES! The weather was gorgeous so we sat outside. I had a greek chicken crepe - with spinach, chicken, jack cheese, and feta... yum! Came with a Harvest salad that had apple, sunflower seeds in it - way better than the typical generic garden salad that comes with meals. Ryan wasnt as impressed with his Reuben crepe, but thinks it was just too much thou island dressing. We will DEFINITELY be going back! The dessert crepes were good too, but shockingly I think I liked the dinner one better! I had a dessert crepe with peaches, blueberries and chocolate mmm. Ryans was strawberries and ice cream, and Kate had Nutella on hers (so I got my first ever taste of nutella yum!). Oh and the Chardonnay... yum! But I am ALWAYS happy with Char :)

So if you are in the Canton CT area and looking for something different to try - Rubabs! Bill for 4 adults, with a bottle of wine and 3 desserts was about $100... so not too bad!

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Gregory said...

Dear Meg,
My Name IS Greg and I am currently the bar manager at Rubabs Cafe I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words and great review! I am very happy you enjoyed the Rubabs Experience and Am glad that you will be back!