Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Ryan and I joined a local Farmshare with Rosedales Farm in Simsbury. I used to work at this farm (yep, I worked corn) and they have truly amazing produce. The super sweet corn is second to none! I was really excited they were doing a farm share this year and last wed we got our first basket. Cherries, corn, peppers, tomatos, wax beans, cantelope, BEETS. I have never in my memory had beets and they kinda scare me. But one of the great things about doing a farm share is trying new stuff you wouldnt normally get.


I figured that I adore roasted veggies and that maybe beets would be good that way too.

I cut off the bulbs and scrubbed the dirt off them. Sliced them thin and tossed with a little EVOO and kosher salt on my trusts baking sheet with the raised edge. I roasted them at 450 degrees... and I think it took about 30 min (I dd 15 then kept checking). They were So. Good. Even DH liked them enough to suggest adding them to the rotation! This is the man who told me he didnt like beets and that I should make them when he isnt around! Luckily, I refused :)


I looked at the bunch of beets and there were these huge fluttery greens and I thought hmmmm maybe those would be good too. Why not try? I knew that Ryan has said that Bacon makes anything good so I thought that might mkae them more palatable. I pulled them off and cut them off at the stem. Cleaned them well and broke of the really stiff spines.

In a small saute pan I put about 4 pieces of bacon ripped into approx 1/4s. I cooked it until it was done and left the fat in the pan, I added the greens. I tossed them and tossed them until the greens were sufficiently wilted and then served. They looked great, the bacon was yummy (of course!) but the greens... were eh. I think maybe we are just not fans of wilted greens in general because it was more the texture in general. They had a nice mild taste and my first couple bites were yummy.

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